Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AAdi asainthu varugindraan Kannan

AAdi asainthu varugindraan Kannan

Oothukadu  Venkata  Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam   Sri Ranjani
Thalam Aadhi

Aadi asainthu  varugindraan    Kannan,
AAdi asainthu  varugindraan.

Neediya   thamarai  vizhigal mella,
Nithirai kollavo   yendravai cholla,
Vadiya meniyo ingangum thalla  ,
Vaa vendru azhaitha  Radai  povendru  chinam kola

1.Vai mozhiyo  kettal ullam  kollai kondachu,
Vadayo  manam chandana poochu,
Yeintharulum  polla veshamum aachu,
Yenge  tharalam yendraal pin pakkamum pochu.

2.Kannathile   vegu kumkuma pottugal  -athu,
Kathu varayil poochu thittukal,
Munne pinne  neer viyarvai chottugal,
Mohana  pechukkule mudiya  urai kattugal.

3.Ithanai azhakinukkum mele  ,
Yeni vaithu yettinar pol,
Vaitha  oru chithadai  thol mele,
Venumendru aarnthatho-melum urvale.
English translation

Krishna  coming moving and shaking,
He is coming   moving  and shaking
With the long lotus like eyes slowly,
Asking permission to sleep,
With the tired body tottering here and there,
With  Radha who asked him to come,
Telling him to go away angrily.

1.If we hear his oral speech , it will steal your heart,
The scent from him is that  of sandal paste,
And he was putting on an act which was bad ,
And when you ask, where it is round, he says in behind.

2.Very many marks of Kumkum  on his face ,
The marks of paint till his ears ,
Front and behind him the sweat drops,
And within his pretty talk  , complicated chicanery.

3.Apart from all these  terrible prettiness,
He had a women’s upper cloth  hanging ,
On his shoulders like    a stair case ,
Was it intentional or was it due to relation.

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