Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pollatha pillai ondrai

Pollatha pillai ondrai

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Karahara Priya
Thalam AAdhi

Pollatha pillai  ondrai petha Yasodai,
Yellorkkum melaanaal-Nammai,
Yereduthum paaathanaal.

Pullankuzhal oothi  , kandrudan aadi,
Punnagai ondru konde , manathil idam thedi,
Nillatha  kaliyan  thalai mel aadi ,
Neelavanna kolahalan   yendra

Arangamillathu aravu  patameri  nadamaadum,
AAyiram kan paarkka   giriyai kudai naadum,
Karam kol  moongil ondraal  ganamisaithu aadum,
Karuthodu  uriyeri  vennai kalavadum.

English translation

The Yasoda who gave birth to that mischievous child,
Became greater than all –She
Has become who does not even see us.

Playing with the calf along with his flute,
Finding  a place in our mind , just by his smile,
Who without stopping danced on the head of Kalinga,
And who  was of blue colour and  noisy

He danced on the hood of a snake since he did not have a stage,
He used  the mountain as an umbrella with one thousand eyes seeing,
He was playing music   with a bamboo in his hand,
And he was stealing butter from the rope  shelf.

fu�g on�� �
That shines in the sky,
Is your face the full moon.

Showing your colours , playing music in the flute,
Oh God who shook us in to a state   of trance,
Oh God who came  to fill our mind, light  it up,
And   fill it with joy , Oh Godd who was in Brindavan,
Oh God who defeated  Kalinga,
Thitha jam , thajam thari thaam,
THithajam   thajam thari thaam   tha  thagida,
Kundari thari jaganamthari  thatheem kina thom,
Nidhaa padama makaari sa nee.

In the bank of the river, that day at this time,
Was he the newly opened scented flower , Is he petal of the flower ,
I would not forget  your grace along with a mind of mercy,
When I lost my mind to you when I heard about your moon like face,
I would not live even for a second, THittharikku,
Tharkutheem  thathari  theemitha  januna janutha   theem,
Thalathathingina thom  thathith thakana  janthari,
THithakanaka   janthari   thakanaka janthari   ,
I would not forget your  stain less face .

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