Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Solli mudiyumo

Solli  mudiyumo

Oothukadu Venkata Subba  iyer

Translated by

Ragam churutti
Thalam  aadhi

Solli mudiyumo –yengal,
Thooya gurunathan  sondhamenna  , sondhamendru

Alli  kulathil malarnthaluim , vanathu,
Azhagu mathikkenna sondham? Athu pol,
Pullum, malarum , kamalam  thanakkum  antha ,
Pon kathiron thanakkum  yenna  sondham?
Purinthavar undo, athanilum pulamayaana  thuravakinum  manam kamazha,
Pothavizh malarthathudan thenalinthu muralum  padiyanathru  vandudan,
Mullai malkku   yethgu uravo-athu purinthum  mozhi varumo, athanilum ithu,
Chollum perathu  ullam iraathu –thellam padathu kallam irathu

1.Ayiram ayiram vedangal  cholvathai ,
Arul kadaikkan ondru c hollume-naan cheytha,
Ananda  thavam yellam vellume,
Poi ithai  yaridamum  chonnalum  puriyathu,
Purinthavar  yaar yendru chollume-antha,
Punniya  sangathil  yennai  thallume

2.Maayai yenum thirai moodi  marainthidum  aayinum  oru kanam  venumo,
Maravi -thanathan-amaran –anilan  avan ivan  yenpathum  manatharintha ,
AAyamudal  ulagellam  avanarula-ivanilathu thiruvarul  perumo ,
Aaruyir  thanakkum  , mai thanakkum  yethu uravo, athanilum  miguntha uravenin ithai

English  Translation

Would  it be possible to tell,
That my holy guru  is mine  and mine

Even if the moon opens up in the lily tank,
What is the relation of moon to the beauty of the sky, and like that,
What is the relation   of the golden sun,
To the grass as well as the opening of the lotus  flower,
Are there people who have understood this
Even for the  more poetic who has the scent of detachment,
The relation of   bee which searches and roams in search of honey with that of jasmine flower,
Even if they  understand, when they  tell it ,
The heart will not be there  , there won’t be clarity and no cheating.

1.The  grace and look of his  will tell what is told by thousands of Vedas,
And it would  win over all the joyful penance  that I did,
If I tell this no one  will understand,
Please  tell me who has  understood this,
And push me  in to that  holy company.

2.The screen of illusion  would cover it but is there a need for a second,
The sage , the lord of riches, the devas , the fire , and others, once the mind understands,
We would understand all the world if he showers his grace-without him would we get the blessing,
The relation between him and me  is more than the  relation of this  body to the soul.

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