Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yellayilla vishama karandi

Yellayilla vishama karandi
Oothukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Atana
Thalam AAdhi

Yellayilla vishama karanadi,
Yethanayadi  ivanaukku bakshanangal thinna,
Yeralamum nana vagai vaithirundhum yenna,
Vithagamulla  otha vayathu thozharodum munna,
Vennai kalavaduraane “yennadi naan panna?”

Polla thanamulla cheygayinai kandaal , ponguthadi kopam,
Punnagai pootha mugathinai kandalo manguthadi thaapam,
Yellathukkum mele ondru cholvenadi , yarukkumilatha labham,
Yengal  kulathukku vanthaale  indha  eerezhu bhuvanangalukkum prathapam.

Punniyanukku  paaloota  yenninalo ,
POnguthadi  oor acham, antha ,
Poothanaikku  vantha  gathiyakumo  , yendra,
Yennam thanakuthu micham,
Pannina  dhana  dharumangal yaavume ,
Palanaachedi podi ucham ,
{akkiyam yenninaal  yenakku  indha  ,
EErezhu pathinalu  lokavum thucham.

English translation

He is a boy with limitless mischief,
How many eatables are there  for him to eat,
What if  every item is kept in large  numbers,
He along with his   mischievous   friends is stealing butter,
“What   can  I do now?

When  I see his  very mischievous acts , my anger rises,
But when I see  his smiling face , my pain gets   reduced,
Above all that I shall tell something  which is not profit for any one,
By his coming to our clan , the fame is for all the fourteen worlds.

If we think of feeding him milk , a great fear rises in my mind,
Would I end up with the same fate  that happened to Poothana,
Only that  thought remains   with me   after that,
All the charities and gifts that I gave  have all become  useless,
And When I think  of  my great  luck,
I feel  that  all  the fourteen worlds   are of no consequence.

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