Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yetta irundhu pesum Kanna

Yetta irundhu pesum Kanna

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam  Raga Malikai
Thalam Aadhi

Pallavi (Lathangi)
Yetta irundhu pesum kanna,
Yetti kani pazhuthu yarukkenna  tholaivil

Anupallavi (Lathangi)
Yetta irundhu pesum, kitti varaamale un,
Chutti thnamellam   thoora katti vaithu

1.(Kunthala varali)
Kallam kapadariyaa naane  andru un,
Kalinil vizhunthene,
Ullam  ariyathirunthene, indru,
Unmayellam kandarinthene.

Vetkam vittu ingu vandheere  , naanum,
Vendum yenbathai marantheere ,
Ishtam unnidathil yendreere, athai,
IthanaI naal iruntheere, Kanna.

Kalinganai vendraal yenna , kalangi  viduveno,
Kamsanai kondral yenna  , kadhal uruveno,
Malikkum un pugazhukku  mayanggi viduveno,
Varaatheer, yennai paaratheer, kanna.

4. Simhendra Madhyamam
Kannathile kumkuma karai padinthirukkuthe,
Kankalil sivappu  kalakkamirukkuthe,
Vanna vanna meniyellam  vattam uthirikkuthe ,
Vambugal pesatheer  , varthaigal veesatheer.

English translation

Speak from a distance  , Krishna,
If a bitter fruit ripens, what is there for all at a distance

Talk from a distance without coming near,
After tying all your mischief  and keeping it far away

I was  who was an innocent girl,
Fell at your feet the other day,
I did not your mind then ,but today,
I have found out all the truth.

Without any shame   did you not come here ,
You forgot that  I am also necessary,
Did you not tell that you love me  and,
Did you not live like that all these days, Krishna.

If you have one over Kalinga, do you think I will get confused,
If you have killed  Kamsa, do you think I will fall in love with you,
Do you think I will get attracted  by your growing fame,
Do not come here, do not see  me, Krishna.

There are saffron marks  on your cheels,
Your eyes are red   and clouded,
IThere is tiresomeness in your very pretty body,
Do not talk gossip, do not throw words at me.

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