Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Amudanukku amudhootum

Amudanukku  amudhootum

Oothukadu Venkatasubba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Hameer Kalyani
Thalam  AAdhi

Amudanukku amudhu  ootum yamunai aare-un pole,
Thavam cheithaar  yare?

Oh river Yamuna who feeds nectar like  food to the nectar  like boy.
Who has done penance  like you?

Kumuuda malar anna vizhiyalum,
Kuzhiyum kanna punnagayaalum,
Sumukhamana   ila mozhiyalum,
Thonumunnamana  porul yaavayum ,
Venuganam  odu urugum padu Aaraa

With  eyes which are like lotus flowers,
With a smile  with a dimpled cheek,
With attractive   lisping toungue,
Which are all the things that one feels,
He  goes on melting with the music of flute.

Ninanthalum  nenjathu  amuthootum   yengal,
Neela vana  kanna  mannan thannai,
Ninainthu ninainthu  amuthu ootuthiyo,
Munnekkalum kandariyaa  thava nilai ,
Mona  mana vanavarkkum yedhu yenna,
Munainthu munainthu  kattuthiyo,
THanakku yenatha   thanmayum thavamum piravi gumanamo , podhuvo,
Naan unna kalai  oor unnavaikkum  thanmaiyenparkal athuvo,
Anaithulagam mayanga vanthoru   kuzhal  aarum isaiyalan ivano,
Alli parkuvathanoneeyo chollir chuvai tharum  aaraa

Are you giving food    to him  , thinking and thinking ,
About the king who is the blue coloured Krishna  ,
Who just my thinking about him feeds nectar to our mind?
Are   you  with trials and trials   trying to show  ,
The stable penance  which   even the greatly meditating ,
Devas are asking “where did you get it from?”
As it is a penance which they   had never seen with any one earlier?
Is his nature  and penance  in which never thinks about himself,
Is a character   which he got from  time of his birth or is it  general one?
Is it that nature which  people tell that  he feeds the world  when  he feeds himself?
Is he the musician of the flute  who makes the entire world  interested?
Are you  taking him and drinking of that nectar like boy who gives taste in his words?

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