Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ithanai parive Yendi?

Ithanai parivu Yendi?
Why this  much  partiality?

OOthukadu Venkata Subba iyer

Ragam Sudha Saveri
Thalam Roopakam

 Translated by

Ithanai parivy yendi  ,Illam,
Illamai pukundhu  kallamittavaridam?

Hey friend why this   much of partiality,
On who enteret0red each  and every house and robbed it?

Metha chamathulla meni, ezhil mane,
Sudha Saveri padam padinene

He has a very pretty and   intelligent body, Oh pretty deer like damsel,
Did he  not sing in Raga “Sudha  Saveri”?

AAdhiyil  virainthodi  , THaye Yasodhe  yendru,
Athanai vazhakkadi, nindrathellam pocho?
Ayyanallavo   endrum  meyyum uruga  nindru,
Meyyum poi   yena  vilainthathai aache?
Pathi pinnal churutti  , meni ezhilai katti  -kalla,
Parvai ondrinale   mayangi nirathai  aache?
Neethimathi cholli  nettu maram yeri  ,
Nindra nilyellaam   nethode yache?

Did  your activities  of arguing a case  a lot  .
After   rushing and addressing “Oh mother Yasoda”  gone away?
It  is   now like getting an yield of lies after sowing truth ,
After   standing there  with a melting body thinking  , is this  not our lord?
It has now become that   we were  mesmerized just  by his looks,
After folding his   braid in to half   and showing off the prettiness  of his body?
The   period   when   we pointed out justice, after climbing a tall tree.
And   stood there   silently has   also has gone.

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