Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nalla thanamai cholli

Nalla thanamai cholli

Oothukadu Venkatasubba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Mohanam
Thalam Aadhi

Nallathanamai  cholli thirutha vendum,
Nangal vandhu  chollathirukka, Un pillayai

If you want us not to come and complain,
Using proper words , you should   correct your son.

Mella yengal manai vandhu  chuvar yeri,
Vennai  thayir paludan  kalavadi,
Vallavan yenthan pillayodu uravadi,
Nangal vandhu chollathirukka, un pillayai

After that expert  showing friendliness to our son
He slowly comes to our house, climbs the wall,
And steals   butter   as well as curd,
And so for us not to come and complain , your son,

Palukkum kaval  , antha poonaikkum thozhan  , yengal,
Payanukkum  kannanukkum neyam,
Melukku chollum   varthai ithu vallave Yasodhe,
Venumendral   vandhu paar  indha nyayam,
Muzhanlalukkum   thalaikkum oru kattum undo-pasung,
Kandrinaye  uri  yeri  thedum nyayam,
Aalukkum  aravapada  melukkum vanthu nindru,
Kannan vanthu cheivathellam nyayam

He guards the milk but is also friendly with the cat,
For   our boys and Krishna have great friendship,
Oh Yasodha , these are not words , just told like that,
If you feel like , you kindly come and see his justification,
Who will tie the knee   with the head at any time,
He justifies by saying that he is searching for the calf in the curd storage hang.
He comes and stands for the banyan tree   as well as top of the cobra’s face ,
And whatever this Krishna does   is all  cheating.

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