Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Theril Vandhano

Theril Vandhano

Oothukadu Venkatasubba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Useni
Thalam Roopakam

Theril vandhano- velan, Theril vandhano-ingu,  Neril nindrano,
Cheerongum kshetramagiya Sikkil  Singara Velavan   Nerai ithikkil

Did Velan come in a Chariot, Did he come in a chariot here , did he stand in front of you,
The pretty Valan of the famous   temple of Sikkil , did he come straight  here,

Parijatha malar vaasam ,
Pakkam yengum manam   veesum-antha,
Kariyam un kaikal pesum,
Kandhanukku  Un peril  ooyatha  nesam

He lives in Parijatha flower,
His scent spreads on all sides , and that,
Aspect    your hands    would talk,
And That Skandha has unending love towards you.

Parkulam keezhkarai   andru-unnai,
Parthu mayangi naan nindru,
Yaarkkum thetiyathu   yendru nee,
Aganthai konaayodi, nandru, nandru,
Ahankaram chollathadi, Angarakan pollathadi,
Singara Velan  cheitha  thirisaman ithu , Darisinamura

On the lower bank of the milk tank,
I saw you and stood there   greatly attracted,
And you thought nobody knows about it,
And did you become proud of that, good, good,
Do not talk proudly, Angaraka(mars)   is a bad one,
This is the mischief done by Singara Velan –to see him

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