Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Therodum Veeethiyile

Therodum Veeethiyile

Oothukadu Vankata Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Nattai
Thalam Aadhi

Therodum veethiyele ithenna kolam,
Devaki  kalyana vaibhogam –Vasu,
Devanukkum   ivalukkum mana kolam

What is this happening in the avenue where chariot runs,
It is the wedding of Devaki , To her  and to,
Vasudeva ,it is the scene of their marriage.

Parodu  vin athirumpadi nadham,
Pannarntha   muzhavam  kadal alai polae mothum,
THerodu pin chillum  anthanar othum,
THiruvana  Vedam chellum nooru kadham.

There is a sound which makes the sky tremble along with earth,
Which  is like ocean filled of music  , beating its tides ,
And the  sound of auspicious Vedas   recited   by,
The Brahmins  who walk behind the chariot  going to one hundred miles.

1,Udan piranthakukku  oru kalyanam   yendru,
Ulloora Kamasakku  aasayum thondrum,
THidam kondu therottiyai   thalliye thanum  ,
Chernthu pidithan   antha kudirayin chenam.

1, Realising that  is the wedding of  his sister,
To Kamsa  deep in his mind, the wish arose ,
And with great force   he pushed the charioteer away  ,
And himself got the stirrup  of   those horses  together.

2.Aduthu yeri piditha maru kanam thannil,
ASareeri  kettathu   yi mana pennil,
Yedutha yettam  piravi kollume unnai,
Yendrathum  Kamsan kudithane  mannil.

2.Immediately as he neared and caught  them together,
A voice from the sky   said, The eighth  birth,
Of this girl    would  definitely kill you,”
And as soon as he heard that Kamsa jumped on the earth.

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