Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thu, Thu, Thu , thu –Yengal

Thu, Thu, Thu , thu –Yengal

Oothukadu  Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Bilahari
Thalam aadhi

Thu, Thu, Thu , thu –Yengal
Thoo malar kannan   peril  yaro  kan vaithirunthal

Bad, bad , bad,  bad , If some  one ,
Has kept an evil eye on our Krishna who is  like a pure  flower.

Oothum kuzhal melo-kili pol.
Pesum mozhi meetho-ullam,
Mothum  punnagai meetho-Kannan,
Munnindravargal chinthai kalanthu,
THannai maranthu  kan vaithirunthal

If those standing before Krishna , with a mind which has merge,
And forgetting themselves  had kept   an evil eye on
The flute that he   uses   to sing,
Or   the words spoken by him like a  parrot,
Or    his pretty smile   which dashes on the mind ,

NItham oru gandam vanthu pizhaithalum  ,
Neram povathu  bharam thane  ,
Kutham cholli  yenna payano mane-aayar.
Kulam vaazha vaitha Govindan nindra nilai  kandu,
Yarum   Kan   vaithirundhaal

If we survive   an unfortunate  happening   daily  ,
It is still difficult to spend our time,
And so what is point in   criticizing  , oh dear like lady,
If some one had kept in evil eye   seeing the pose   of  Govinda  ,

Who had come to protect the cowherd clan .

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